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Chemical research internship

Our scientists are dedicated to research that develops innovative solutions to help increase crop productivity for farmers worldwide. They are integral to our research and development team that is tasked with helping farmers be more efficient, control pests better, cope with unpredictable weather, break through yield barriers and ultimately bring in a profitable harvest.

Solving practical problems

We offer several chemistry internships based at our research and development centers in Stein and Münchwilen for highly-motivated students — currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. program in chemistry — who can bring scientific excellence and are excited by solving practical problems in chemistry.

As a chemistry intern, you could be working on a wide range of projects during the 5-to-7 month program, including:

  • Chemical research
  • Computer-assisted molecular modelling (CAMM)
  • Process technology and chemical engineering
  • Analytics

During these internships you may have the opportunity to:

  • Apply and improve problem-solving skills in organic chemistry experimentation
  • Perform molecular modelling and virtual compound screenings
  • Provide support for research and development process chemistry projects
  • Assist with the implementation of innovative laboratory techniques

Tasks may vary depending on the team you would be working within and are not limited to those listed above.

How to apply

The recruitment period begins in the European fall/winter, for placement the following year, and includes telephone interviews. Please submit a written application in English with your CV and motivation letter with your availability, together with your university diplomas and transcripts.

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