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Debt portfolio

Syngenta has established different Programs / Facilities in order to adequately cover the Group's long-term funding requirements as well as the expected fluctuations in working capital.

Debt Capital Market Programs

Committed Credit Facility

Related to the ChemChina takeover, Syngenta amended, extended and increased its syndicated credit facility in May 2017. The syndicated credit facility has an amount of $3.0 billion and expiry date in 2024.

Current Debt Capital Market Issuances

Instrument Size Coupon Maturity Documentation
Eurobond € 500m 1.875% Nov 2021 EMTN
US$ Notes US$ 500m 3.125% Mar 2022 US Shelf
Swiss Domestic Bond CHF 200m 0.125% Dec 2022 Standalone
US$ 144A/RegS Notes US$ 1,000m 4.441% Apr 2023 144A/RegS
Swiss Domestic Bond CHF 265m 1.250% Oct 2023 Standalone
Term Loan US$ 1,000m n/a Apr 2024 Term Loan Agreement
Swiss Domestic Bond CHF 250m 1.625% Nov 2024 EMTN
Term Loan US$ 250m n/a Apr 2025 Term Loan Agreement
US$ 144A/RegS Notes US$ 750m 4.892% Apr 2025 144A/RegS
Private Placement Notes US$ 55m 5.35% Dec 2025 Note Purchase Agreement
Eurobond € 900m 3.375% Apr 2026 EMTN
Swiss Domestic Bond CHF 140m 0.700% Dec 2026 Standalone
Eurobond € 500m 1.25% Sept 2027 EMTN
US$ 144A/RegS Notes US$ 1,000m 5.182% Apr 2028 144A/RegS
Swiss Domestic Bond CHF 150m 2.125% Nov 2029 EMTN
Private Placement Notes US$ 11m 5.59% Dec 2035 Note Purchase Agreement
US$ Notes US$ 66m 4.375% Mar 2042 US Shelf
US$ 144A/RegS Notes US$ 406m 5.676% Apr 2048 144A/RegS

Current Long-Term Debt Maturity Profile