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Our commitment to transparency

At Syngenta, we’ve been sharing some of our data publicly for years. Since we launched The Good Growth Plan, we’ve published our independently assured progress data – an unprecedented agricultural data resource. We work with the Open Data Institute (ODI) to apply best practice standards to the data to make it searchable, usable by all and shareable. We do this to be transparent, accountable, and to engage with our stakeholders in helping to make agriculture ever more sustainable.

Over the years, we’ve also made available data on our research into TraitAbility. The platform provides quick and easy access to our patented native traits, enabling technologies and genetics in order to improve plant breeding and increase innovation in agriculture.

But we want to go further.

That’s why we are part of CropLife International’s commitment to increased transparency. We believe that by sharing our safety data, we can help society understand how rigorous the industry standards are in ensuring safe and healthy food for all.

If you’d like more information on our commitment to transparency or would like to access our safety data, please contact us at

Open data's potential for agriculture

We’re sharing agriculture open data to unlock its environmental, social and economic value

Sharing RNA-based biocontrols data

We partner with the Open Data Institute to publish our data to the best practice standards in the industry. This data can be used by anyone for research and analysis.

Sharing the Good Growth Plan data

Each year, we report our progress on all our six commitments and provide detailed data and definitions in accordance with the Open Data Institute best data practices.

CropLife International’s commitment to increased transparency

The CropLife International member companies are among the world’s leading developers of crop protection solutions which enable farmers to produce food for a growing world in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.

While the product ization process is the essential assurance to farmers and consumers that crop protection products meet the highest standards for safety, efficacy and quality, the effective transparency of safety data submitted to regulatory agencies can further enhance public confidence and strengthen the understanding of the stringent safety standards of crop protection products, as well as enhance trust in the product ization process.

The CropLife International member companies are committed to increased transparency of safety data in order to better engage in dialog with society to increase understanding and build trust. As a first step, CropLife International and its member companies are developing straightforward ways to enable non-commercial access to safety-relevant information. In addition, CropLife International is developing an industry website to provide additional context and background information, as well as links to transparency initiatives of its member companies.