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Policy positions

Our views on the most important issues facing agriculture

At Syngenta, we have been discussing forward-looking views on a variety of topics important to society, farming and our business and have set these out in our Policy Positions. These are living documents – revised to share our views on new developments as and when they occur. We want to communicate the progress we’ve made, the stakeholders and partners we’ve reached, and the commitments we’ve set moving forward. Whether you’re a leader, a policy-maker, a farmer, or a consumer, we invite you to join the discussion.

Climate change

As changing conditions affect crop yields around the world, we’re striving to develop technologies that make agriculture more resilient to climate change and help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Diverse agricultural systems

Farms come in all shapes and sizes, and each have a diverse range of requirements to operate. With our solutions, we can make all forms of agriculture more productive and sustainable.

Enhancing agricultural biodiversity

Our food systems are dependent on a whole host of different species to thrive. We’re working to protect this diversity, supporting pollinators and helping wildlife to stay wild.

Soil health

The secret to healthy plants lies in the soil. That’s why we have been working with farmers to better look after soil health, reverse land degradation, and make the land we have more productive.

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