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Syngenta believes in good supplier relationships. We’re committed to continuously improve procure-to-pay processes to ensure on-time payments to suppliers and to achieve efficiencies.  We aim to pay all invoices with correct purchase order (PO) numbers as per the contracted due date, or as per the terms and conditions.

All invoices we receive will be matched with the approved purchase order and a goods receipt, or service confirmation prior to payment.

We operate a strict no-PO-no-pay policy, this means you must have a valid purchase order before starting work and submitting an invoice for payment. Always ask for a PO from your Syngenta contact. Your invoice will be returned if it does not include the required information listed below, and payments may be delayed if you have to correct and re-submit it. You will be notified of the invoice’s rejection by fax or email.

Requirements for Supplier invoices

All invoices issued to Syngenta must include the following information as detailed:

  • Syngenta company entity as per the purchase order (PO).
  • Syngenta PO number clearly indicated in the header of the invoice as well as in all other correspondence.
  • First and last name of the requestor – this is the Syngenta representative who ordered the Products or Services upon which the invoice is based.

Submitting invoices to Syngenta

If submitted electronically, the supplier agrees that no paper copy of the invoice is going to be issued to Syngenta in parallel and that electronic invoicing is allowed by the respective local tax ities in the country where the invoice is issued. Syngenta reserves the right to request a hard copy version of an electronically submitted invoice at any time.

There are three ways to submit invoices to us.  Please ensure you use only one way per invoice:

  • Soft copy, PDF file invoice submission
    This is one of the quickest options for Syngenta to receive your invoice, please follow the guidelines below for this route to be effective.   
  • Hard copy, paper invoice submission
    Paper invoices must be sent to the central processing postal addresss per Syngenta’s legal entity per country.
  • E-invoicing
    We’re currently implementing Ariba and will in the future request all our vendors to transact via the Ariba network. This means that we will be able to offer e-invoice or PO Flip as an invoicing route. As we move to Ariba, your procurement partner will contact you with further information.

Contact our Finance Service Desk

Our Finance Service Desk is available to help with your invoice-related enquiries. You can contact them via email. Please only contact our Finance Service Desk if your invoice is overdue. For all other questions please e-mail the Syngenta contact provided on the purchase order.

For queries related to indirect purchase orders, catalogues, contracts etc, please go to our Ariba Supplier Portal. 

Note: Countries represent the country of the Syngenta Entity where the purchase order is placed and in cases this may be different from the country of the supplier.

Contact Finance Service Desk in your country

Europe, Africa, Middle East
North America
United States, Canada
South America
Panama/ Panama Branches (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela)

After emailing our Finance Service Desk you will receive a confirmation receipt from our system. If you do not receive the confirmation, your request will not be processed, please verify the details in your original e-mail and resend.