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My Garden: The challenge of keeping plants healthy

Healthy food starts with healthy plants. Protecting plants against different stresses is not always easy, as our Syngenta Group Ambassador discovered.

Making food better - and longer lasting

In response to global food waste, Syngenta has developed vegetables and fruits with longer shelf lives and other characteristics to ensure they complete the journey from farm to fork.

My Garden: Spinach or cabbage?

With more than 2,500 varieties of vegetable available, what is suitable for our Ambassador to grow in his vegetable garden? Social media users have stepped in to help him.

Flourishing landscapes can feed the world sustainably

Declining biodiversity threatens ecosystems and crop yields. Syngenta has been reviving depleted farmland for 20 years through Operation Pollinator.

Embracing Ag’s Crucial Role in Curbing Climate Change

At the St. Gallen Symposium, a forum for cross-generational dialogue, Syngenta Group CEO Erik Fyrwald underscored agriculture’s role in addressing a major global challenge.

Syngenta expands arsenal in the global battle against a tomato virus

Researchers used molecular markers to deploy resistant hybrids in record time

Fertile Ground
Harnessing the lessons of Covid-19 to prevent malaria

In the spirit of World Malaria Day, let’s sharpen our approach to malaria prevention by adopting the urgency, collaboration and innovation that have propelled the fight against Covid.

Combating malaria during Covid-19

Syngenta’s Africa-based teams and partners have developed innovations that will permanently expand the portfolio of tools and strategies for malaria prevention.

Fertile Ground
Earth Day challenge: Transform agriculture to help save the planet

It’s a global mission, but it demands local on-the-ground solutions — and some of the world’s most sophisticated science.

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Our Stories
Aleksander Kilde – My garden stories

A passion for healthy, nutritious food grown in a sustainable way is one of the strong ties between Syngenta Group and our Ambassador Aleksander Aamodt Kilde.

Our Stories
The ecological benefits of golf courses

Syngenta supports the growing number of golf-course managers who see themselves as environmental stewards.