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Fields of Innovation goes virtual

Syngenta Seeds presents its annual vegetable showcase, Fields of Innovation, in ground-breaking new digital format to share its innovative and sustainable vegetable varieties.

Vegetables are one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals needed for good health – and increasingly recognized as essential for food and nutrition security. But today, vegetable growers are facing unprecedented challenges to meet demand considering the impact of coronavirus and climate change related weather extremes. This means that helping farmers produce healthy, tasty and affordable vegetables – in an environmentally friendly way – has never been more important. At Syngenta Group, we transform how vegetable crops are grown, enabling farmers across the globe to improve yields and enhance sustainability, reducing food loss and waste along the food chain – from the field, through processing, transport and retail, and on to end-consumers.

Ground-breaking digital showcase

Each year, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds hosts its ‘Fields of Innovation’ event to put the best of our innovations on display, bringing together the entire vegetable supply chain. But the uncertainties that coronavirus has brought this year called for a different type of event. We saw an opportunity to connect and engage in a way that we have never done before – by presenting Fields of Innovation 2020 completely online. This fully interactive digital 3D experience invited guests from September 21 – 25 to safely attend from anywhere in the world while navigating a virtual farm. This year’s format shared detailed information about 220 different vegetable varieties, offered a live chat with our field experts and visitors could create and download their own digital field guides. Over the five days, the event welcomed over 2,500 guests from more than 100 countries.

New solutions that meet consumer needs

This annual event introduces the value chain to innovations that bring genuine value, including new varieties that make a real-world difference through improved innovative qualities that meet modern consumer needs. One striking example is our LMUL 19-1922 – better known to most people simply as lettuce. It has the taste of a romaine lettuce and the crunchiness of an iceberg lettuce. It retains its crunchiness when it gets warm and fits perfectly on a hamburger – meaning less food waste. Although our Fields of Innovation event might be over for this year, the platform remains open for anyone to visit and find out more about our exciting offering: