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Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) meets the challenges farmers face by providing them with crop protection and seeds innovations that are sustainable and safe for people and the environment.

Our research is designed to improve the way crops are grown and protected so that everyone, from consumers, to farmers, to the environment, benefits.

For our innovations to benefit all, they must contribute to the sustainability of our planet through helping to address a complex, interconnected set of global challenges. They need to provide safe, healthy and nutritious food, which meets consumers’ changing expectations and tastes. They need to help farmers adapt to extreme weather caused by climate change, as well as mitigate the carbon emissions from agriculture. They also need to support farmers in counteracting soil erosion and biodiversity loss.

R&D in numbers
our annual investment in research and development
Scientists: Chemists – synthetic, computational and analytical – and biochemists, biologists, indication and crop specialists
R&D sites globally
Collaborations with universities, research institutes and commercial organizations
How we safely make new products
Our new products contribute to a safe and sustainable world

Every new agricultural product or seed is developed through a rigorous process to make sure it can be used safely and sustainably, and this process can take up to 13 years.

Our research areas
Innovation driven by a passion for farmers

We research into many areas – from controlling insects to plant breeding. All of our research helps farmers grow crops successfully year after year, whether we are developing products to protect crops or improving seeds to make plants more resilient.

Protecting crops

Our products protect plants from weeds, insects and diseases, and help them tolerate environmental stresses such as drought or sudden cold. Some also enable stronger roots, increasing yields by boosting crops’ nutrient and water uptake.

Improving seeds

We tailor our seeds as precisely as we can to meet the increasingly complex needs and challenges of our customers’ markets, regions and growing conditions.

Our collaborations

Turn ideas into reality through thoughtseeders®

Do you have an innovative idea that could help grow crops more sustainably? We’re always looking for partners to work with us.

Take advantage of our breeding technology

We offer access to our traits – plants with modified characteristics – through e-licensing under clear, transparent terms.

Use our open data on RNA-based biocontrols

We are the first agricultural company to share RNA-based biocontrols research as open data to best practice standards.