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How we develop new products to protect crops

Active Ingredients

Martin Clough, now Head CP R&D Technology & Digital Integration speaks from our Stein R&D Center about the innovation behind precisely-designed active ingredients.

Pesticides – products protecting crops against weeds, insects and diseases – are some of the most regulated products in the world. We must show that a new product is safe for workers, the environment, crops and food. We also consider the economic benefits for farmers.

Our research process begins with discovering potentially useful chemical compounds. On average, scientists need to screen thousands of compounds to eventually bring one new product to market.

Initial screening cuts the number of potential compounds down for further profiling. Eventually, a small number are ready to be evaluated for possible registration.

Each product undergoes extensive trials to gain regulatory approval, and research data is evaluated by independent ities.

Trials can involve more than a hundred studies covering toxicology, metabolism, residues, ecotoxicology, physical-chemical properties and environmental impact. The studies required for regulatory approval are performed to internationally agreed test guidelines.

How are crop protection products regulated and registered?