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RNA-based biocontrols for crop improvement

We are developing a new line of biocontrols based on RNA. The biocontrol can be designed to be very selective so that it only affects the target pest(s). So when it is sprayed onto the plant the biocontrol targets a crop pest such as the Colorado Potato Beetle, which can destroy entire crops; our initial data indicate that beneficial insects and even closely related species are not harmed. The RNA-based biocontrol is then broken down in the environment and does not affect the plant.

The exciting nature of RNA-based biocontrols and the potential benefits for people, farmers and the environment means that Syngenta is committed to being transparent in how they are developed and to periodically make our data available.


Watch how biocontrol works on the Colorado Potato Beetle

Sharing RNA-based biocontrols data

We partner with the Open Data Institute to publish our data to the best practice standards in the industry. This data can be used by anyone for research and analysis.