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Providing the seeds and services that meet farmers’ challenges

Growing crops is increasingly complex due to many factors including diverse growing conditions and customer demands, fluctuating commodity prices and climate change.

We develop cost-effective seeds and services that allow our customers – farmers, commercial growers, retailers and small seed companies – to prosper in this complex environment.

Our scientists constantly improve seeds through breeding plants to enhance precise characteristics. We work not only in our own labs but also in partnership with universities, research institutes and other companies.

We have a particularly strong offering in corn, soybean, sunflower, cereals and vegetables. We acquire seeds businesses and enter into strategic partnerships and licensing agreements to expand the choice for growers, while strengthening our germplasm pool.

We at Syngenta are giving nature a helping hand. We are developing new cutting-edge technologies to respond to the challenges humankind is facing. We are certain our new technologies will allow us to transform these challenges into new opportunities.

Jeff Rowe, President Global Seeds, North America and China

Tomato Vision
Creating the tomatoes of the future

Our new tomato demonstration centre in the Netherlands is set to change the way tomato varieties are bred and to fulfill new market demands in the future.

Strong pipeline in seeds, based on advanced plant breeding and biotech innovation

Breeding seeds today is more precise and faster than in the past, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology available.

We are constantly innovating, bringing together seed breeders and data analysis experts who combine mathematics, genetics, physiology and agronomy to select features that make better more sustainable crops.

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We have 5,000 R&D colleagues all over the world solving farmers’ challenges

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