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Syngenta Flowers – coloring people’s lives

Sustainable flowers, when and where you want them

Syngenta Flowers is our most colourful business. It’s also a very delicate operation as flowers can only be grown to meet demand – they can’t be stored or stockpiled.

We make sure our stunning, sustainably produced flowers are in the shops at the right time – like 500 million bright geraniums for sunny days and 20 million fair trade poinsettias for the turn of the year.

Syngenta is global leader in sustainable flower production, thanks to our expertise in advanced genetics and breeding. We serve professional growers, distributors and retailers with state-of-the-art seeds, young plants and cuttings, expert advice and training.

From one man to a responsible and sustainable global business

Our history started when a young man called Groot started breeding seeds in the Netherlands 140 years ago.

Since then, we have built a company that has won 35 international awards for new varieties and an enviable reputation for responsibility and sustainability.

We are accredited with Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBALG.A.P.) status, one of the world’s leading agricultural standards, for our care for the environment and the people who work with us.

It takes a lot to get the red geraniums to your plant pot

Find out how Syngenta teams nurture flowers from seed to market

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We also have a passion for vegetables

Many of the items on the supermarket fresh counter start with a Syngenta seed. Ever eaten a purple cauliflower?