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Delivering on our new Good Growth Plan

In our new Good Growth Plan, Syngenta makes four ambitious commitments. We are accelerating our innovation to provide solutions for farmers to make agriculture more resilient and sustainable. We strive for carbon neutral agriculture, while continuing our work to enhance biodiversity and soil health. We are reinforcing our existing commitment to help people stay safe and healthy in our operations and on the field. And, we want to achieve these commitments in partnership with others and through open dialogue about the value of agriculture innovation for farmers, nature and society.

Reporting on progress

In 2020, for the first time, we report on progress toward achieving the targets set in our new Good Growth Plan. In the first year of reporting, our focus has been on laying the foundation for a rigorous process.

Accelerating innovation for farmers and nature

  • USD 490 million invested in sustainable agriculture breakthroughs
  • 3 sustainable technology breakthroughs
  • 1,035,000 tonnes of crop produced with programs for lowest residues in crops

Strive for carbon neutral agriculture

  • 1,955,000 tonnes CO2e of carbon benefit potential on farmland
  • 3.9 million hectares of farmland benefited by soil conservation and biodiversity enhancement measures
  • 26% increase in CO2e emissions intensity of our operations since baseline 2016

Help people stay safe and healthy

  • 0.23 recordable injury and illness rate (IIR) per 200,000 hours
  • 8.0 million people trained on safe use
  • 99.4% of suppliers included in sustainability and fair labor programs

Partnering for impact

  • Entered a new, multi-year “Innovation for Nature” partnership with The Nature Conservancy
  • Expanded our collaboration with the Solidaridad Network
  • Launched a series of “innovation dialogues” with external stakeholders to address sustainability trade-offs and dilemmas linked to new technologies
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Sharing the Good Growth Plan data
Each year we share agriculture’s open data to unlock its environmental, social and economic value.
ESG Report
We publish a report outlining our sustainability performance every year.
Celebrating our first Good Growth Plan

We launched the first Good Growth Plan in 2013 and set hard, stretch targets to improve the sustainability of agriculture by 2020. By 2019, we reached most of our goals – a year earlier than scheduled. More information on our first Good Growth Plan can be found in our 2019 Good Growth Plan progress report.


Our Good Growth Plan

We would like to thank all those who accompanied us along this journey and whose expertise, insight and energy helped us turn the commitments set in our first Good Growth Plan into real, measurable benefits for farmers, the people they feed and the planet we all share.