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Reporting on sustainability

By “sustainability information” we mean quantitative and qualitative information on the strategies, policies or activities we pursue towards our business, environmental and social goals. In reporting this, we focus on the aspects that are most material to our business and our stakeholders.

Our corporate website and the Good Growth Plan progress data using Open Data format so that it’s searchable, usable and shareable online.

We’re a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and our greenhouse gas emissions and water use through the climate change and water programs of CDP.

To make information more accessible to stakeholders, we answer their frequently asked questions and respond directly to questions and requests for information.

Annual reporting

We publish a report outlining our sustainability performance every year. In 2020, for the first time, we published an ESG Report in its current format. It includes content indexes for GRI (previously available as a web page on our website), UNGC and the SDGs. The ESG Report 2020, together with our Sustainable Business Report 2019, can be found below. Past reports can be found in the Presentations and publications.

Report Download
ESG Report 2020
Sustainable Business Report 2019
GRI Content Index 2019
The Good Growth Plan
Helping farmers.
Fighting climate change.

Our Good Growth Plan is driving the way we add sustainable value to farmers around the world, see how we’re doing so far.

Robust sustainability reporting

Sustainability information helps people to better understand our activities, challenges and opportunities. External stakeholders and internal managers use it to measure performance and make decisions about the company. We want them to have complete confidence in it.

To establish sound internal controls for reporting sustainability information in our Sustainable Business Report, we’ve been guided by the principles outlined in the 2013 COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework and we’ve applied financial reporting concepts and practices. We designed and implemented an internal control environment supported by improved reporting processes and systems, clearly defined accountabilities and detailed documented procedures. We also developed a Sustainability Reporting Guideline to direct our non-financial reporting activities and extensively trained the individuals involved in reporting. Our reporting is guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles, externally assured by PwC and approved by the Board of Directors.